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Meet the Llamas

Meet FINLAY - a home-bred gelding born in 2007. Until recently he was a stud llama and was up for sale. However, we didn't manage to sell him so he has been castrated and he is an absolutely fantastic trekking llama. He is very calm and friendly and really enjoys his walks. He is not too big so is ideal for somebody who might be a bit intimidated by size. We had 2 cria from him and they are so cute! Carla in particular really looks like him!

Meet DOMINIC who was born in 2013 and is a new addition to our trekking team. He is proving to be a very brave and interested boy in the walks. He is yet another son for Black Jack and his Mum is Sunshine.

Meet GOLIATH who was also born in 2016 to Lavender and Black Jack. Goliath is actually the last baby born to Black Jack. He spent 2019 getting a few more miles under his belt and is now a firm favourite.

Meet GABRIEL who was born in 2016 to very proud parents Jo-jo and Drizzle. He joined our trekking team in 2018 as only a 2 year old but was a very sedate and good boy to handle etc. He is very keen on homing in for kisses which is probably his greatest attribute!

Introducing HARRY who was born 2017 to Carla and Drizzle. He is our youngest member of the trekking team and will be making his debut this year. We are confident he will be laid back due to his quiet temperament.

Meet PLATINO who was born in 2007 and we have owned him for several years now. He is in fact a stud llama, but has such a lovely quiet personality that we have decided to use him for trekking as well. In this photo of him he has a very short fleece as he had just been sheared, but normally he has a very thick and woolly fleece!

The 'Lockdown Llamas'
Ian (right), Ivan (middle) and Idris (left) are all three years old. Idris did a minimal amount of llama trekking last year (due to Covid) - he was very calm about it all. Ian and Ivan have yet to make their debut! Hopefully 2021 will be better for us as regards llama trekking and the boys can finally get out and about and make their mark on the world - well Cousley Wood anyway!